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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘You’re Next’ gory, gripping and fun

Body count within the first couple of minutes: two. Then some folks pull up at the house next door, then more of them and then even more. Its family reunion time in a big, old isolated setting, and ... wouldnt you know it, the front door is mysteriously open. And there are footsteps heard upstairs. And there are hints that this is a wealthy but very dysfunctional family. But the real horror film cliches dont begin till the low rumbling sounds that pass for music on the soundtrack start welling up, and there are multiple point-of-view shots making it clear that someone outside is watching the people on the inside. <br>Read more:

Ben Affleck to play Batman in next Superman movie

Since then, the rough footage that Gunn screened at Comic-Con has leaked online, and even the most skeptical could kind of see why Rocket Raccoon might steal the show when "Guardians of the Galaxy" hits theaters in August 2014. But as a computer animated character, Rocket still needs a voice actor to bring him to live, and the latest rumor indicates that an Kim Kardashian website A-lister might find himself playing the gun-toting, expert strategist, who also happens to be a raccoon. Rocket Found? According to Latino Review , Marvel has offered "The Hangover" star Bradley Cooper the part of Rocket Raccoon in "Guardians of the Galaxy," but don't get too excited just yet. Even if the rumor is true, the article indicates that only an offer has been made with no word on whether Cooper would accept or not. So Who Is This Guy? <br>Read more:

Movie review: 'World's End' not so funny after all

Pegg), still waxing nostalgic about those glory days. He rounds up the old gang, although not without some difficulty and resistance. Corporate lawyer Andy (Mr. Frost), for instance, hasn't had a drink in 16 years and initially wants no part of "The Golden Mile" marathon or onetime best friend Gary for reasons later made clear. When Gary says, "We are here to get annihilated," he has no idea how true that might be when it turns out something very strange is happening in the suburban U.K. town of Newton Haven. And it's not just the "Starbuckization" of the pubs but aliens in familiar yet freaky form. <br>Read more:

'Guardians Of The Galaxy': Get To Know The Talking Raccoon That Will Steal Marvel's Movie

The film yields sufficient suspense to hold your interest, while keeping the movie real enough to attract a Caribbean and Diaspora following. Nicholas and Joel sat with me in my cozy apartment in the heights of Tacarigua just to talk Escape from Babylon. "Joel and I, we drained our life savings to make this movie," Nicholas said, with a resigned but satisfied look on his face. Furnished with the best camera they could purchase, the two young film makers spent the last 19 months, 18 hours a day to present what many that saw the film in a VIP premiere launch called "a well done local movie." "The idea behind it is, it is no longer going to be called just a Trinidad film or Trinidad cinema, this is Caribbean film, Caribbean cinema. And a little tip off, the sequel to this is going to involve more Caribbean countries; as well as South America. <br>Read more:

China's movie market booms with local content, cinema expansion

Revenues remain far smaller than in North America, but China looks set for another record year as screens are added rapidly, cinemas expand into more cities and themes switch from martial arts to depictions of ordinary people. "The past half year has seen the Chinese audience identify with and feel proud of their own lives," Peter Chan, the director of "American Dreams in China", said in a recent newspaper interview. "They want to watch their own lives in the cinema, watch realistic themes." Based on real stories from Yu Minhong, founder of New York-listed New Oriental Education Kim Kardashian house & Technology Group Inc , and his content partners, "American Dreams in China" raked in more than 100 million yuan in its first three days. The fifth-highest-grossing film in China this year, it has helped total box office sales reach nearly 11 billion yuan in the first six months, according to the government agency that tracks all forms of media. "This is a big boost to the market and it set the tone for the year-round revenue to exceed 20 billion yuan," said Kady Yang, senior analyst at entertainment consulting firm EntGroup. If China hits that full-year mark, equal to $3.3 billion, it would eclipse the official tally of $2.8 billion in 2012. That lags North American revenues of $10.8 billion last year, but PricewaterhouseCoopers, a consultancy, sees China narrowing the gap quickly. <br>Read more: >]content

Local movie 'Escape from Babylon' opens in Trinidad

Keaton's performance received favorable reviews, and Kim Kardashian married he became the first actor to reprise the role in 1992's "Batman Returns" with Danny DeVito as the Penguin. When the franchise changed directors, it also changed actors. Val Kilmer became one of the more forgettable of the Batmen in 1995's content "Batman Forever." Kilmer was described as "childish and impossible" to work with. He was destined to be a one-termed caped crusader and left the Batcave for good, instead of filming "Batman & Robin." The handsome, up-and-coming actor George Clooney was cast as the caped crusader in 1997's "Batman & Robin." The film received some of the worst reviews, and Clooney once joked that he helped to kill the franchise. Although the film did nothing to hurt Clooney's career, it frequently ranks among one of the worst films of all time. Pictured is Clooney as Batman and Chris O'Donnell as Robin. <br>Read more:

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