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Celebrities Join Online Campaign To Save Nicole Perko

"Finally, an actual scandal," Hudson's character says. After all, "Lydia Cole" patterned after hit television show "Scandal" character Olivia Pope, a sharp-tongued D.C. fixer played by Kerry Washington, has recently been busy with less outrageous matters. Like dealing with a 20-something worried about a pre-existing asthma condition and a woman concerned because her company's health insurance might not cover mammograms. In a video produced by humor website Funny or Die, these "scandals" are easily solved by Hudson, who offers her clients advice such as, "The ACA [Affordable Care Act] takes about 15 minutes to sign up for; I need you to go to" The clip is just one example of the star-studded White House effort to deploy artists, actors and content creators to help sell the president's signature health care overhaul, the Affordable Care Act, especially to younger Americans. "Can you please find me a real scandal?" Hudson asks at the end of the Funny or Die video. <br>Source:

The petition also calls for an investigation into four deaths Professor Morris claims will result because of the long surgery waiting times. Every minute that passes without the surgery being performed increases the risk of detrimental effects on Nicoles health. This is unacceptable, and an appalling disregard for life by the NSW government, he said. Something that should be sorted out Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) October 9, 2013 Ms Perko, 40, who has three children and two stepchildren, said she was overwhelmed with the support people had shown by signing the petition. This isn't about queue jumping - it's about saving people's lives," she said. I was placed on the one-month priority waiting list in July - and three months later I am still waiting. <br>Source:

Russell Ferstandig Discusses Celebrity Drug Use

However, they have tried their this site luck at being famous. We will let you decide if these weird people are outrageous or sane according to you. kim kardashian clothes line Take a look at some of these weird people who look like celebrities: Superman Fan Herbert Chavez, a mild-mannered dressmaker from the Philippines has done everything in his will to be like the flying hero, superman. Herbert has spent over 16 years of Surgery to look like the Man of Steel. Man's best friend Being so smitten by the looks of a dog, a Brazilian man has spent a huge sum of money to look like man's best friend. <br>Source:

6 international celebrities you didn’t know were on Chinese social network Sina Weibo

Its no secret that celebrities like Lindsay Lohan are experienced with rehab stints. Although rehab is supposed to be used to treat patients as they attempt to address their addiction, there are certain factors that make it particularly hard for a celebrity to let go of their drug use. Celebrities And Drug Use Russell Ferstandig explains that the celebritys environment is often a huge factor in these unfortunate instances. The average person might turn to drug use as a result of stress, genetic pre-disposition, or untreated mental health issues. Celebrities tend to have more access to drugs in increasingly large quantities. These celebrities are also frequently accompanied by an entourage of people who spend most of their time partying and actually have a vested interest in keeping the celebrity intoxicated so that they will continue to have work as part of the entourage. Unlike the average person, celebrities tend to have a much bigger budget for their drug use. <br>Source:

Weird People Who Look Like Celebrities

Jackson s first Weibo post appeared in February 2012, just in time for the domestic release of The Avengers. The actors stint on Weibo begins politely enough, with a bold pronouncement that the famous Samuel L. is now on the worlds largest social network, just in time for Chinese New Year. But Jacksons Weibo account quickly derails into insanity. Making kim kardashian celebuzz liberal use of the word motherf***er and variations thereof, the majority of Jacksons posts feature shoutouts to lesser-known celebrities. In one post from late February 2012, Jackson expresses his excitement over a Bernie Mac special airing on Comedy Central that night. <br>Source:

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